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Flammable Skincare? Not on our watch. Natural Alternatives to Aqueous Creams and Emollients & Paraffin-based Eczema Creams.

Updated: Apr 1

Is your skincare making you flammable?

Did you know that many of the major brands of skincare products use by-products of oil refining – namely paraffin & petroleum jelly. 

Paraffin is a highly flammable substance and vapours from paraffin can be highly dangerous in enclosed spaces.

It is widely used in cosmetic products because it is an effective emollient (moisturiser) and it is readily available and relatively cheap! It can “replace” the skin barrier locking in moisture and helping keep it soft and supple. This is a good thing, right?

Well yes, but it does have some pretty major drawbacks.

A study of 100 children using an aqueous cream (paraffin and water) showed that in over half of the children using the cream, it actually caused significant irritation and exacerbated the condition it was being used to treat. In fact, in 2013 the UK government issued a warning against using aqueous creams on children as it was shown to be a potent irritant.

In addition to this – maybe more worryingly so – paraffin is also highly flammable and there has been more than 50 deaths in the last decade due to the flammability of paraffin containing products. People often use these products at night, meaning their bedding and clothing is soaked in flammable paraffin (which does not evaporate, it will sit in the fabric until it is washed out). Sadly, this combination of a very flammable substance and layers of fabric led to fires severe enough to cause serious injury or death.

The Care Quality Commission has even issued guidelines on the dangers of using paraffin-based emollients due to the risk posed by these products.

Next time you are in your local pharmacy, have a look at the labels of these products – you will certainly see a flammable warning on them!

eczema creams
The Fire Hazard Warning on a Well-Known Brand Of Skin Cream

The last thing we want to do at Arcade Skincare is offer a product that either exacerbates your skin condition or is dangerous enough to pose a fire risk! We have a range of products that can be natural, safe and effective alternatives to Aqueous creams and paraffin or petroleum containing emollients.

All our products are free of any petroleum-derived substances, including paraffin oil, paraffin wax, mineral oils, and petroleum jelly. We only use plant-based waxes, butters and oils which are safer, gentler on the skin, non-irritating and do not contribute to the continued reliance on fossil fuels and their derivatives.

In addition to this, our products are manufactured in a workshop that uses carbon-neutral electricity, our packaging is 100% plastic-free, biodegradable and our products are zero-waste.

eczema creams
Ultimate Repair Cream

Why not try our Ultimate Hydration Cream or Ultimate Repair & Hydrate Balm for a natural, safe, effective and gentle treatment for symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or dry and irritated skin.

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