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Our shampoo & conditioner bars (like their traditional liquid counterparts) are designed to be used in combination. For the best results, you should use a conditioner bar after shampooing. 


Our shampoo bars are super foamy, lathery and bubbly and we do not use harsh synthetics or sulphates to produce our dense, lathery foam.


Our shampoo & conditioner bars have been designed with ingredients that complement and the use of both will enhance the efficacy of the active ingredients contained in each of the bars. 


Save by buying both together in our Superfood Detox Haircare Set.




The Superfood Shampoo bar is packed with our potent, natural antioxidant "Superfood Trio" of Spirulina, Hempseed Protein and Green Tea extract to detox your hair & scalp and reduce the harmful impact of styling, styling products, environmental damage, the effects of harsh weather and pollution. 


Spirulina, Hempseed Protein and Green Tea have been shown to stimulate the hair follicle to encourage new growth, minimise breakage and reduce hair loss. Consistent use can promote growth of new, healthy hair and minimise loss through snapping and breakage. 


We have used gentle, coconut-based surfactants and never use sulphates, phthalates, silicones, parabens or harsh synthetic ingredients. None of our ingredients contain palm or palm-oil derivatives and we do not use any ingredients derived from petroleum. 


Our shampoo bar will deep-cleanse your hair, stripping away build-up, product and excess oils. It will not strip it of any natural oils, will not dry the hair or irritate your scalp. 

Superfood Detox Shampoo Bar


    Wet the bar in your hands and give it a little rub. Gently massage the bar over your hair to work in plenty of shampoo. Massage and work up a lather. Rinse and repeat. 

    If you are struggling to work up a rich lather, ensure your hair is fully wet. It is reccomended that you wet your hair under the shower for at least a few minutes to get it fully wet. Rubbing the bar in your hands first (like a traditional bar of soap) also helps. 



    Use after shampooing. Glide the bar gently over the hair, paying extra attention to the ends. Gently massage in and leave on for at least 5 minutes before rinsing off.