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A blend of gentle, nourishing plant-based butters, oils, waxes and herbal extracts in a handy, easy to apply solid balm. Relief from the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and dermatitis.


Intensely hydrating due to the concentrated blend of oils & butters rich in skin-loving, soothing, anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins.


The candelilla wax forms a gentle, breathable barrier on the skin locking in moisture, reducing trans epidermal water loss and minimising the harmful affects of pollution, irritants and harsh weather conditions.


Extracts of arnica and calendula provide powerful soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits that reduce redness, itching, soreness, and encourage the skins natural healing processes. 


Can be used top-to-toe, on the face, body, hands, feet, scalp and lips. 


100% fragrance and colour-free & because this balm is solid, it reduces plastic packaging waste. 

The Solid Hand & Body Lotion Bar - Solid Skin Eczema Relief Balm

  • Giving the skin a much needed, powerful hit of moisturisation, minimising moisture loss and soothing sore, irritated and inflamed skin. 


    Perfect to use on eczema and psoriasis prone skin to minimise dryness, and to keep the skin soft and supple. 


    An excellent intense hand and foot balm - keeps dry, cracked skin at bay. 


    Excellent for travelling - does not count as a liquid and you'll have no messy, leaky bottles in your luggage!