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Kiss goodbye to plastic with our zero-waste, natural, solid conditioner bars. 


Our Conditioner Bars contain coconut-based conditioners, are gentle and pH balanced, soap-free, sulfate-free and do not irritate the scalp. They all contain Amla oil which is known to strengthen, nourish & hydrate hair and it can encourage natural growth, minimise hair loss and reduce frizz and breakage. Our condtioner bars are gently enough for frequent use and are perfect on coloured hair and cleanse without stripping colour.


Completely plastic-free, palm-free, zero-waste and ethically produced, these conditioner bars are the perfect eco-conscious choice for your bathroom! Because we don't use water to produce these bars, we have been able to avoid using harsh preservatives and they are completely free-from synthetic fragrance, colour and unnecessary synthetic chemicals. 


This bar has been enriched with cocoa butter, babassu oil, panthenol (Vitamin B5) and mandarin and grapefruit oils to provide a hit of intense hydration and keep your hair sleek, smoothe and in tip-top condition. 


Each bar is roughly the equivalent of 3 bottles of traditional liquid conditioner. 

Mandarin & Grapefruit Conditioner Bar

  • Wet the bar in your hands and give it a little rub. Gently massage the bar over your hair from root to tip - stroke the bar down the hair in a single direction.

    Massage the conditioner into your hair, paying extra attention to the roots and tips.