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Indulge in the benefits of pure magnesium chloride infused in a luxurious, light-weight, hydrating natural body butter with our Magnesium Body Butter. 


Crafted using only the purest magnesium chloride - harvested from the Dead Sea, organic Hempseed Oil, raw cocoa butter and English lavender & chamomile extracts. This body butter is a sumptious treat for your skin and is supercharged with magnesium chloride. 


We have also produced a completely unfragranced version (i.e., no lavender or chamomile extracts) for extra sensitive skin. 


Magnesium is a vital mineral found in abdundance in our bones, skin, hair and connective tissues. It is responsible for kick-starting the production of energy in our cells, and is crucial for maintaining normal, healthly cellular function. Our natural magnesium reservoirs can become depleted by menopause, menstruation, ill-health and poor nutrition. When we are low in magnesium we can suffer cramps, muscle pain and fatigue. 


Topical (on the skin) application of magnesium has been clinically proven to help alleviate the symptoms of cramps, restless legs, aching muscles and has even been shown to be a potent reliever of mild to moderate aches and pains. 


Application of our Magnesium Body Butter can moisturise, hydrate and soften your skin, it can prevent the loss of natural moisture by re-inforcing your skins natural barrier and, it may help alleviate the symptoms of cramping, restless legs, aching and sore muscles and promote a natural, restful sleep. 

Magnesium Body Butter